Saturday, January 14, 2006

Is disinformation?

In the world of conspiracy theory and attempts to expose the truth about our world, the seeker after such information is venturing into a minefield of covert government agents, advanced psy-ops, and simple non-objectivity.
Fortunately, there are those who take it upon themselves to reveal these attempts at re-routing our path to the truth.

Click here for the expose on, a government cointelpro Psy-op.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Ministry of Truth

The Ministry of Truth is hard at work today, ensuring that consensus reality is enforced and your perceptions and thoughts are the RIGHT ones. Their fine work can be seen today, over at Yahoo news:

"Two residents wade through chest-deep water after finding bread and soda from a local grocery store after Hurricane Katrina came through the area in New Orleans"

"A young man walks through chest deep flood water after looting a grocery store in New Orleans on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2005."

"The Media", in particular the organisations that deal with news, are perceived in a light of absolute authority by people around the globe. In many people's minds, if it wasn't reported on "the news", in particular on television, then it did not happen at all. But these organisations have their own agendas, and their own biases, instilled either by the their owners or by the individuals who write it; individuals who are of course just human like everyone else, with their own agendas and biases. True objectivity is a rarity, but something we must all strive to attain if we are to have any chance of resisting the Powers That Be.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

This shrub needs watering with blood

Some interesting statistics were recently released concerning Bush's popularity in the polls, nicely rendered here in this graphic:

You may recall how Bush's motorcade "parade" for his inauguration was met with thrown eggs and protests when he was first appointed president of the USA by the courts. The voting populous sometimes demonstrate a prescient knowledge of the quality of a president from the start, as the last president to have received this kind of treatment was Nixon, and we all know what happened to him. Clearly Bush was not a popular president from the outset. Indeed he was legally NOT the president, as the vote had been electronically rigged to ensure his victory no matter what the American people thought of him (for some video evidence of this, look here:

And we see this disillusionment represented in the poll data above. But then, like some monstrous saviour, an event occurs that sends his approval rating skyrocketing, that event was 9-11. But even this is not enough to save ol Dubya, for we see the steady decline right up until the beginning of the invasion of Iraq, and then it's back to the steady downward slope... until the present day when opinion of him is now even lower than it was during his 2000 stolen election.
As a president, George Bush's only mandate for power is fear, his only moments of popularity are moments of violence.
Now, consider this data revealed in this recent study at Vanderbilt University:
"Violent or erotic images cause momentary periods of “emotion-induced blindness”

It seems that exposure to violent imagery induces a state of temporary cognitive "blindness" in most people, disabling their ability to think rationally and perhaps, to make decisions based on temporary and transient events without taking into consideration the full breadth of their knowledge. Now think back to 9-11 and recall the media barrage of imagery, the WTC towers falling over and over again. This is what it takes to make a popular president out of George W Bush. Deep down, even the hoodwinked American public know this man isn't out for them.
But this current opinion may be a mixed blessing... For you see, in order to maintain his popularity, Bush and his controllers are not above committing crimes of a scale unthinkable to most of us, crimes that include the slaughter of the very people his government claims to protect. They did it before, to give Bush his original mandate that he so clearly lacked in the minds of the American public... they may be planning to do it again.
Perhaps, you may think, that they would not resort to such harsh tactics again, after all Bush has his second term, it's not like he has to continue to be popular just to continue being president. But it may be the case that Mr.Bush has no intention of leaving the Whitehouse until he is good and ready, until his ultimate agenda is fulfilled:

Thursday, February 17, 2005

9/11, truth and Peak Oil

When I was a child of around 12 years old, I made a shocking revelation. I realised that everything I required on a daily basis to live, (food, water etc…) came not from my parents or ‘mother nature’, it came from a variety of corporations around the world. Perhaps that day was the beginning of my interest in conspiracies, because along with that realisation came another thought, this one more theoretical and perhaps a little paranoid: Couldn’t these corporations hold the world to ransom?

That thought has never really left me, even though I now know there are many legal checks and balances in place to ensure something like that could not occur… or could it?

As I mentioned in my last post, it is evident that the nature of corporations is psychopathic. A psychopath, or to use another less culturally loaded term, lets call them “organic robots”, is an entity that seeks survival and promotion of its own interests with no particular concern as to the situation of any other entities around it. It is, in effect, an avatar of “materialism”, a philosophy that promotes the idea that this physical world and one’s time in it is all there is, that we are nothing more than vehicles for the propagation of genes and memes, and that in order to be an effective and successful human being, one’s task is to essentially maximize one’s economic status with no regard to the well-being of the world around you. Traces of this philosophy can be seen, daily, by anyone who happens to live in the modern “developed” world.

And when a psychopath is backed into a corner, his actions can get desperate.

In the United States, the two main political parties are backed by many of the same corporations. You see, the ‘robotic’ corporation does not care what ‘side’ is in power, only that they hold them in good favor. On top of this situation, there currently resides in the Whitehouse a government that is highly corporate in nature. Dick Cheney and his links to Halliburton, George Bush and his family’s links to the oil industry, and Condoleeza Rice holds a position of such high esteem within that same industry that they named an oil tanker after her. Clearly, these are people who have strong links to this business, that producer of the “blood” of the modern world, oil, without which, we are told, civilization as we know it could not exist, and also the main axis upon which these individuals' and corporations' power resides.
So what if it was taken away? What if some situation threatened the robots’ survival?

This brings us to the topic of ‘Peak Oil’. According to this theory, the Earth will soon run out of oil, and when that happens, all hell’s gonna break loose. The civilized façade of the modern developed nations would drop and the predator within would be revealed for what it is.
According to the theory, the current infrastructure of civilization can not be sustained for much longer without a radical change. Of that radical change, one of the main proponents of this theory, Mike Ruppert, says:
“I advocate an immediate convening of political, economic, spiritual and scientific leaders from all nations to address the issue of Peak Oil (and Gas) and its immediate implications for economic collapse, massive famine and climate destruction (partially as a result of reversion to coal plants which accelerate global warming). This would, scientifically speaking, include immediate steps to arrive at a crash program – agreed to by all nations and in accordance with the highest spiritual and ethical principles – to stop global population growth and to arrive at the best possible and most ethical program of population reduction as a painful choice made by all of humanity.”

Now, as an article on another site put it:

"The first question that can be reasonably asked is: "What planet has Mike been living on for the past 50 years?"

Please tell me when exactly the wonderful, life-respecting, spiritual beings took over the planet? Was it while I was at the toilet?

Seriously though, can ANYONE imagine Cheney or Putin or Blair or Zhu Rongji, or any other world leader for that matter, who by definition of their position of power have been completely corrupted by that power, suddenly exhibiting "the highest spiritual and ethical principles"? Just about every world leader, including the supposedly "spiritual" ones, have been presiding over mass depopulation for centuries, and they didn’t need any stinkin’ ethics or morals to do it; glee and relish was all it took!”

Somehow tied into all of this are the events of 9/11 and the subsequent ‘9/11 truth movement’, of which Ruppert is a leading figure. Without 9/11, there would have been no war in Afghanistan or Iraq, two countries that just happen to have enormous oil reserves and with ‘rogue’ governments that had to be brought to heel.

9/11 and Peak Oil. Two phenomena shrouded in so much mystery, uncertainty and deliberate lies that to reach the real truth of the matter is almost impossible.

Perhaps my 12 year-old theories weren’t so outlandish after all, but at that age I didn’t realise the deceptive lengths that would be required for the corporations to hold the world to ransom. You see, they couldn’t just appear on television and demand that we all do what they say or its, “No more oil, no more food, no more television!” No, they’d have a revolution on their hands. Rather, they have engineered a vast story, with movie-style special effects, to convince us all that there is no other option, that we must believe the lie or it’s the end of the world as we know it.
And in such a world, we all have a duty, perhaps one of the most noble callings it is possible to have, to live in truth.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Their Nature Revealed

There appears to be a metaphysical property of this world that allows the most ruthless, the most self-serving and even psychopathic entities to rise to the top of the food chain. The world of human economics mirrors the world of wild physical survival in many ways, and the actions of the economic predators at the top of the chain affect those at the lower levels.
Here is a recent example of the predatory nature of these new entities known as corporations:

Unionized Wal-Mart employees fear second Quebec store to shut

Wal-Mart is shutting down all stores where the staff show any sign of independent organisation and exertion of individual rights outside the immediate domain of the corporation. This is the same corporation that has a very extensive list of media that is banned from their stores, whilst at the same time openly selling lethal weapons to the general public. The invisible 'message' being sent here is clear: Ideas are more powerful than weapons.
These actions are not surprising, when the true nature of such entities is known. Psychopathic as they are, they can not be reasoned with. The only way to remove oneself from the influence of a psychopath is to remove any form of energy one may be feeding them. In the world of economics that psychopathic corporations like Wal-Mart exist in, that energy = money. The choice, it seems, is between convenience and soul. It's up to you.
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